Kayleigh's Law: Arizona law aims to protect sexual assault victims from abuser

A new law goes effect into Arizona this weekend that will protect victims of serious crimes from their abuser.

Kayleigh's Law is meant to provide lifetime protection from abusers to victims of certain crimes, most notably sexual assault victims.

Victims would be able to ask the court for a lifetime order of protection from their convicted abuser if their probation comes to an end. If that order is violated, it's a class 1 misdemeanor.

SB 1412 was originally passed in 2021, but was just amended.

It's named after Kayleigh Kozak, who has been fighting for this bill since 2020 after the man who sexually abused her started petitioning to have his probation lifted.

"What was one of the most painful days has turned into and blossomed into such a blessing, not only for myself as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, but also for victims here in Arizona," Kozak said. 

It goes into effect on Sept. 24.

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