What to know as Arizona motorcyclists are now allowed to filter through lanes, with some exceptions

Cruising around Arizona on a motorcycle could get a lot easier thanks to a recently signed Senate bill.

Bill 1273 allows motorcycle riders to pass a car stopped in the same lane and go between lanes of traffic, but there are rules that must be followed.

The law goes into effect Sept. 24.

"We can go through the traffic now and not be the last car in the lane so it'll be safer when it comes to that," explained Roosevelt Brown, president of Buffalo Trooper Phoenix Chapter.

It's tough for motorcyclists to stop for long periods of time, he says.

"The problem we have in heavy traffic like that, is these v-twin motors overheat and cause more issues, so it allows you to get to the front of the line, so you can get flowing with the wind," Brown said.

Keep in mind, there are several restrictions to this law.

The rule only applies on streets with at least two lanes traveling in the same direction and with speed limits 45 mph or less. The motorcyclist, when passing, also can't be going more than 15 mph.

"Finding out we can't do it on the freeways and expressways or any street that is over 45 mph … So I don't think it went far enough," Brown said.

He adds that it's a start, and he believes it'll help keep them safe on the roads.

"Motorcyclists, you look in cars and you'd be surprised people are so distracted, not paying attention to what's going on. They rear end a motorcyclist, and it could be fatal whereas it could be just a fender bender in a car, so it's nice we can go through traffic now and not be the last car in that lane so it'll be safer when it comes to that," he said.

This law doesn't apply to 3-wheelers.

You can read more about the bill here.