Life moving on as Arizona's stay-at-home order expires

Businesses in Arizona are starting to reopen, in the final hours before the end of the stay-at-home order that was issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The order, officially titled as a "Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay connected" policy, asks Arizonans to limit their time away from their home. The order took effect at the close of business on March 31, and was later extended to May 15.

At Living Canvas Tattoos in Tempe, business is getting back to normal, with tools buzzing and clients finally getting the tattoo they have been waiting for.

Some people reportedly reached out even before the lockdown was lifted.

"Everyday, my emails would be open again, and when we did open, it was a barrage, very inundated with people who had been waiting and waiting," said owner Mark Walters.

To make sure everyone stays safe, Walters is requiring everyone wear masks, and is asking those in line to wait outside. On top of all that, Walters hired a company to spray down his entire studio with an EPA-registered disinfectant that sterilizes surfaces.

"That gave us the confidence to open for our clients and ourselves," said Walters. "It is a tricky time, and we wanted to take it a step above and do what we could to get it prepared."

At the studio, however, they are noticing a trend that occurred during the 2008 recession, with many people looking to get a tattoo that will give them a sense of security.

"So they can take all these things away, but when they get a tattoo, it is something you own and can’t be taken away," said Walters. "I feel a lot of people now getting a tattoo. They are doing it for them."

In Old Town Scottsdale, Wood Fire Pizzeria Gelato Spot opened up their dining room, while implementing social distancing guidelines, with tables separated using plants.

Mei Lee, who owns the eatery, says her business has taken a hit.

"We did a third," said Lee. "It's better than nothing."

Meanwhile, some are ready to see things get back to some sense of normal.

"It’s nice being able to dine in, even if it’s limited. It’s nice to be around people," said one person.