Love Them All Rescue: Scottsdale shelter trains dogs to prep them for adoption

A Scottsdale rescue is thinking outside the box to ensure the dogs in their care are adopted.

Love Them All Rescue has hired a trainer to help the pups and people feel more comfortable in their new situation.

Christine Conroy is the president and founder of Love Them All, a non-profit she started in June 2020.

"We specialize in taking the dogs that are going to be euthanized at Maricopa shelters and the Arizona Humane Society," Conroy said.

Conroy has placed 40 dogs with fosters and along the way, she noticed some of these dogs needed a little help.

So she enlisted Ricardo Paredes, a dog trainer for eight years and owner of CharlieBar Boarding and Training.

"Typically these rescue dogs will train out in public and also at the facility," Paredes said. "We will work on them daily, three times a day, and whatever issues they have, we work on those things and general obedience and getting them ready to go to a new home."

The dogs become more comfortable with new surroundings as they train. They learn impulse control so potential fosters and adopters know their dogs will be well-behaved.

"These dogs have already been through so much by the time we get them from whatever their life was like before, to ending up in the shelter, then coming into our care," said Conroy. "Our biggest goal is to have that dog land in a forever home, and so setting them up for the best success is the way we can ensure they won't be in a bad spot again."

The nonprofit runs solely on donations. Learn more:

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