Made in Arizona: How this Phoenix-based dog food company changes the way your dog eats

For some people, they pay more attention to what their dogs eat than their own diet, and that's where "Meals for Fido" comes in.

It's dog food made locally in Arizona, and is full of all sorts of nutritional benefits for your four-legged friends.

Alan Hansbury is a co-owner of the dog food company. He lives in Phoenix and works as a chef. His path in life took a new direction a couple of years ago from cooking fancy meals for humans to full-course meals for Fido.

"A couple of years ago, one of our dogs got sick. And as an executive chef, I went on a search to find out what we were actually feeding our dogs," he explained. What he found he says was very unsettling.

"Commercial grade dog food is essentially filler. There's nothing really beneficial about commercial-grade dog food," he said, adding, "All the recalls, all the excessive vitamins and minerals in it, were actually hurting dogs."

That's when he decided to embark on a new cooking adventure: "Meals for Fido."

The brand has several recipes: beef and russet potato, roasted turkey and whole wheat macaroni and free-range chicken and white rice.

The Phoenix-based company uses locally sourced, USDA inspected and approved ingredients.

"We are also balanced by a veterinarian," Hansbury says. "We have a board-certified veterinary nutritionist on staff who helps us balance all the meals."

If you're unsure of how much you'll need for your pup, there's a feeding calculator on the website Local, next-day delivery is also available for most of the valley.

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