McDonald's billboard joking about marijuana use spotted near Colorado-New Mexico border

(FOX News) -- Did McDonald's actually make a joke about marijuana use to sell breakfast burritos? According to a photo which has been making the rounds online, a McDonald's billboard in Raton, N.M., is advertising its green chile breakfast burritos with a really dank marijuana joke.

The billboard, which is reportedly positioned on a stretch of Interstate 25 near Exit 451, features an image of the egg- and chile-stuffed burrito alongside large white lettering that reads, "Usually, when you roll something this good, it's illegal."

KRQE, the outlet that first reported on the photo, claims the joke is being well-received by locals, many of whom note that its "placement is key."

Raton lies just 12 miles south of Colorado, where marijuana is currently legal for recreational and medicinal use.