Mesa Police warn against TikTok school trend to ‘smack a staff member on the backside'

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The Mesa Police Department is warning of another social media trend it's calling "very concerning" after the trend "devious licks" took schools by storm weeks ago.

"The Mesa Police Department was recently made aware of upcoming monthly Tik Tok School Challenges. One of the challenges stood out to us more than the others. The challenge to ‘Smack a staff member on the backside’ was very concerning. No matter how innocent you may think a smack on the backside of a school staff member is … it is not!" the department said.

The trend could land you an aggravated assault charge, which the department says is a felony. "Not only can you be seriously disciplined by your school, but you can be charged and arrested for a serious criminal offense," the department added.

If someone purposely assaults a teacher or another school employee while at work, it's considered aggravated assault. "And yes, a smack on the back side would be considered an aggravated assault that would be investigated by the Mesa Police Department."

Mesa Police is asking parents to take time to talk to their kids about the importance of using social media responsibly and the consequences of online inappropriate behavior.

Read the department's full warning here.

‘Devious licks’ TikTok challenge encourages school vandalism

Schools in the Phoenix area warned parents about another TikTok trend that led to vandalism at schools locally, and in other parts of the country.

The trend, called "Devious Lick," encourages students to steal and damage school property. Most of the vandalism is taking place in school bathrooms.

Parents in Chandler and Mesa received letters from school officials about the incidents.

"Damaging school property is a felony. If a student is caught destroying and/or defacing our campus, there will be school suspension, full restitution and a police report," read a portion of a letter sent out by Chandler school officials.

A spokesperson for TikTok released the following statement about the "devious licks" challenge:

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