Mexico's success in the World Cup hopes to bring together Mexicans and Americans

Arizona is no stranger to the battles over immigration issues.

Back in 2010, then Governor Jan Brewer signed one of the toughest immigration laws in the nation. SB 1070 became a flashpoint for protests and a lengthy court battle.

Now, with tensions once again rising on the border, and an immigration battle boiling in Washington, Fox 10 wanted to know, can U.S. citizens and immigrants living in the valley find common ground?

Fox 10's Steve Krafft went to a good place to ask that question.

Business is good at Deportes America Soccer Shop in Phoenix, and why not?

The Mexican national team beat Germany, the reigning World Cup Champion and fans are excited.

"Well, we are prideful. Doing good and to me, it means Mexico is America's other team. And they are carrying on this continent and hopefully they can bring it home," said Rene Barraza, Jr.

Barraza and his wife own the place, and it all started with a dream.

"America gave us the opportunity to have this store. We have been here 24 years. My dad really did the American Dream. He was selling chiclets on the side of the road at 4 years old and it got him here," Barraza said.

Barraza, born and raised in Phoenix, believes fans from the U.S. and Mexico should be celebrating together. And he says a shirt says it all.

"This is something I would actually wear in the final right here. Right there. Mexico is my team. I am Mexican-American. I am an American at heart. I am," Barraza said.

Mexico's success at the World Cup comes at the backdrop of heightened tensions in the valley and around the country after President Trump's decision to separate children from their parents who are attempting to make their way across the border.

Latinos make up about 40 percent of the population of Phoenix and where we are right now is less than a three hour drive from the Mexican border. People we spoke to hope the success of the Mexican national team explodes stereotypes.

"We are really hard-working and we are loyal people," said Sandra Murillo.

Murillo works at Realeza Michoacana, a Mexican-style ice cream place right down the street. She's cheering for Mexico, and she wants everyone to join her.

"Ah yes, es la hora ganar campeon!" Murillo said.

"So you're proud and you want your team to go on to win the championship?"

"Yes, for sure," Murillo said.