Most Phoenix residents to have new trash collection day starting Oct. 3

Phoenix residents may have a new trash collection day starting Oct. 3.

Around 80% of customers, particularly those living in single-family homes, will see a collection day change because of a significant increase in residents, according to City of Phoenix Deputy Public Works Director Lorizelda Stoeller.

"There’s been significant growth within the city of Phoenix, we’ve added about 27,000 homes over the last 10 years," Stoeller said.

With more people comes more solid waste and recycling. The increase of customers has some solid waste collectors working shifts of 10 hours or more.

"We had to reroute the collection to make it a more equitable workload for all of our operators and prepare for the new growth that’s coming," Stoeller explained.

Operators will now have a four-day work week in 10-hour shifts, but there will still be trash collection Monday through Friday.

The city mailed out postcards notifying residents of the change about three weeks ago, and it let them know what their new trash collection day would be.

The city says to make sure that bins are set on the side of the road by 5:30 a.m. on trash day, and that people setting out multiple bins need to place them at least four feet apart.

Don't know what your trash collection day is? Check your address here.

Map showing the new collection days:

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