Neighbors speak out after major drug bust results in arrest of man

It began with a traffic stop that ended in a big drug bust where the suspect's vehicle was discovered to be packed with drugs.

That was just the beginning.

When detectives searched the man's home, they made another alarming discovery.

Images of a shocking discovery made by law enforcement include duffel bags full of drugs, stacks of cash, and guns. Now, investigators say Diego Armando Diez Gamez was involved in some dangerous and heavy drug trafficking.

Breaking down exactly what investigators say they uncovered not only in bags Gamez was carrying, but in his home, are staggering. They include 17 pounds of heroin, almost two pounds of cocaine, two pounds of methamphetamine, 2,500 fentanyl pills, and 2 grams of marijuana.

This all began with a traffic stop made by a Goodyear Police officer last Thursday. Gamez reportedly in the backseat with the duffel bags and a backpack full of drugs and cash. According to court documents, Gamez told investigators the drugs were from Mexico. This led them to execute a search warrant at Gamez's home, where more drugs, cash and guns were seized.

On Wednesday, people living near Gamez's home told FOX 10's Stefania Okolie the typical activities they saw at the home, with some thinking it was suspicious.

"In their 20s, Mexican," said one woman, who did not want to reveal her identity. "I thought they were living there, because people were coming in, and there were a lot of cars coming in and out."

Neighbors are also coming to the realization that one can't always really know who one is sharing the block with.

"This happens to be the case," said one man, who also did not want to reveal his identity.