New mother battling COVID-19 separated from her premature baby girl

An Arizona mother put off getting the COVID-19 vaccine because she was pregnant and after having her baby this month, she's now separated from her daughter after catching the virus and battling it in a hospital that's hours away.

Ashlee Caldwell lives in Payson and she gave birth to her baby girl, Hayden, 10 weeks early on July 18.

Hayden was unable to breathe on her own and due to Payson’s hospital limitations, she was rushed to a NICU in the Valley, over 60 miles away from her mother.

Fortunately, Hayden is improving and does not have COVID-19, but her mother can only see her through FaceTime.

Not only did Caldwell catch the virus, but she also developed pneumonia.

Caldwell says it's an extremely difficult time being a first-time single mom and is hoping she can be with her daughter soon.

"It's awful. I just want to … can't right now," Caldwell emotionally said. "She's a week old today and I still haven't seen her since the day I gave birth to her."

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