New revelations alleged regarding the death of Tupac Shakur

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Las Vegas police investigators are responding to claims made by a former gang member that he knows who shot and killed Tupac Shakur, a rap legend who lived in Oakland.

Duane Keith Davis, aka, Uncle Keefe D, a former gang leader from Compton says he was in the car when Tupac was killed in 1996 in a drive-by in Las Vegas. He also said in an interview for "Unsolved, the Tupac and Biggie Murders" that it was his nephew Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson who killed Tupac in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 1996, Fox News reported.

The Netflix documentary has been released in the United Kingdom only.

In a separate documentary about the murder, Davis revealed he was battling cancers and wants to confess to what happened on that night before it was too late.

Anderson, who has long been a suspect in this case, died two years after Shakur's death, in a shooting in Los Angeles. He had always maintained his innocence.

But police in Las Vegas say they've since spent months reviewing the case and that it's still an open homicide investigation.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Laura Meltzer said in a statement that police are "aware of the statements made in the BET interview regarding the Tupac case. As a result of those statements we have spent the last several months reviewing the case in its entirety. Various reports that an arrest warrant is about to be submitted are inaccurate. This case still remains an open homicide case."

A petition with nearly 2,500 signatures is calling for police to finally wrap up the Shakur case.

"It is time for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to declare that the Tupac Shakur murder case has been "cleared," and to finally bring closure for Shakur's family, friends and fans," the petition reads "We are not demanding that Davis be arrested; that is for our justice system to decide. But it is a charade for law enforcement to continue to pretend that we still don't know who killed Tupac Shakur. And Las Vegas Metro PD can declare a case 'cleared' even if they don't present anyone with charges. All that it takes is the will to do it."