North Phoenix family show off their team spirit as Suns take on Denver Nuggets in Game 3 of playoff series

People across the Valley are fired up prior to the Phoenix Suns and the Denver Nuggets face off in Game 3 of the 2nd round NBA playoff series, and one family is hoping to inspire others to show their spirit.

The Hege family in North Phoenix says there's been so much division in recent months and years, and they say people can all come together with how well the Suns are playing. They are hoping to keep the rally the valley slogan alive and growing.

"I just hope we win and beat the Nuggets," said Calvin Hege.

Family patriarch has been a longtime fan

"If we're going to love them, we’re going to love them through the good and the bad," said Justin Hege. "Through the years of all of the bad free agent signings and some unique coaches, it was like, 'well, they'll turn around one day,' and now it's paid off."

Justin has been a fan for 33 years.

"I would go to sleep at nighttime listening to Al McCoy on the radio, and I had a little hoop in my room, and my parents thought, 'OK, hes going to sleep,' and I'd have this ball and just do whatever plays were on the radio," said Justin.

Justin remembers the Suns' glory days in the 90s, so he decided to try and give that same experience to his boys.

"When I was 12 and 13, that summer, it seemed like everywhere I went, there were businesses that were putting these types of signs out, so last Saturday, I was like, 'you know what would be so cool is if we could start this and people would come back to that,'" said Justin.

Family even watched game in-person

The Hege family spent their weekend making a sign, which is now displayed proudly outside their home, where they have watch parties every game.

The family was also lucky enough to see the game, in person, on June 9.

"It was really cool, because I've never been in a playoff game, and it was really fun for me," said 7-year-old Lincoln Hege.

The Heges hope other people will follow suit and paint the town purple and orange, and they are hoping the colors stay up, all the way until the very end.

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