Officials: Prevent wildfires by not lighting off fireworks at home

With wildfires burning across Arizona and the Fourth of July right around the corner, there are concerns about fireworks.

Firefighters have been working around the clock in hot, dry conditions, and they're hoping the upcoming holiday won't make matters worse.

With almost 600,000 acres burned this year, 80% of Arizona's wildfires have been caused by humans.

And the Bureau of Land Management doesn't want that number to go up during the holiday.

"A lot of people ask ‘How do we help our firefighters?’ And a lot of people can help our firefighters by preventing wildfires," said Dolores Garcia with BLM.

On BLM's public land, fireworks are prohibited year-round, including exploding targets, sky lanterns and tracer ammunition. And they're reminding people that a fire can start even at your home with these kinds of sparks.

"Any type of vegetation, grass, brush, trees, a lot of stuff in and around your home is flammable and will catch fire. It's really a matter of, look around your home," Garcia said. 

And any kind of spark can cause a fire to move extremely fast just because of the dryness caused by this long drought.

BLM is urging people to leave it to the professionals and to go to a fireworks show rather than putting one on at home.

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