On Black Friday, North Phoenix boy scouts set up Christmas tree lot

For some, it is time to find a Christmas tree, and while experts predict tree prices could be more expensive in 2021, the boy scouts in North Phoenix are trying to keep prices down.

For the 72nd year, members of Boy Scouts Troop 41 are setting up shop at Northern Avenue and 12th Street.

"Every year, Black Friday's got all sorts of things going on, but for Troop 41, we are out here getting our tree lot ready," said parent volunteer Graham Boorse. "We've got 400 trees coming in from Oregon. Truck just arrived, so we'll be selling by the end of the day."

The past couple of years have been memorable for the lot.

Two years ago, a big storm nearly wiped them out, and in 2020, supply was tough to come by thanks to wildfires.

For 2021, it turns out Christmas Trees are not immune to inflation, but the scouts lot is trying to keep prices level, and people may even be able to get a deal.

"We try to keep the same prices as last year," said Boorse. "There have been ongoing problems with tree supply. We haven't actually looked at what the competitors are doing, so we just try to keep our prices the same as we had from last year."

At least supply is fine. which means the boy scouts on Northern Avenue are ready.

"I love providing these trees for families, but I love spending time with my fellow scouts here," said Evan Marske. "It's really enjoyable to just hang out and still provide these trees for people."

The lot will be open every day until they sell all their trees.

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