Parents grapple with the possibility of a 20-week closure as Arizona schools close statewide

Classrooms across the state are empty for at least the next two weeks, and potentially for the next 20 weeks.

On Monday, the state superintendent of instruction laid out the plan for the remainder of the school year, a day after it was announced schools were closing statewide Sunday.

The sight of empty schools is the new normal as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ordered schools to shut down amid the spread of COVID-19. Now, parents are struggling with the uncertainty as they adjust their lives and scramble to figure out finances.


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Many districts continue to provide meals that kids usually get at school. Tempe Elementary School District is one of many offering breakfasts and lunches in a grab-and-go system at the schools.

But parents are concerned about their kids' education and quality of life during the closure. Depending on how widespread COVID-19 becomes, school closures could be extended.

The CDC recommends in areas with high infection rates, that schools be closed for up to 20 weeks.