Person on bike steals wheelchair from another person's driveway

Folks in one Glendale neighborhood are baffled after a neighbor had his wheelchair stolen from his own driveway.

The whole thing happened in the middle of the day, too.

Tommy Hambicki has been in a wheelchair for a long time, as he needs it to get around, especially using it so that he can coach his youth basketball team, the Arizona Kings.

He will often leave it outside if he has to get in his car for a few minutes, but he won't be doing that anymore.

A car crash in 2003 confined Hambicki to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but every now and then, he'll get in his car and go grab some food.

Someone figured this out, and surveillance camera footage captured a man riding a bike into the cul-de-sac, go behind a pair of trash cans, and take the wheelchair. Forty-five seconds is all it took for him to carry with him as he rode away on a bike.

Tommy says he plans on getting that video over to Glendale Police as soon as possible.