Phoenix apartment fire displaces nearly a dozen residents, including children

An apartment fire broke out near Loop 202 and 40th Street in Phoenix and several families were displaced from their homes on Monday, Dec. 20.

The Phoenix Fire Department says three units were deemed uninhabitable, forcing at least 11 people out of their homes, including children as young as two years old.

A crisis team is helping the families figure out how to navigate the aftermath.

With the fire happening so close to Christmas, firefighters were able to save some Christmas gifts. They salvaged what they could from the unit the fire originally started in, including several boxes of Christmas gifts and other personal items.

The woman who lives in the bottom unit below where the fire started says her entire home is ruined by water damage. She says the family that lives in the unit was home when the fire started, but everyone was able to evacuate safely.

Anthony, a resident at the apartment complex said, "Everybody going to be good. God made sure everybody got out. They did a good job."

No injuries were reported.

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