Phoenix City Council approves plan for new development in Arcadia despite previous opposition

The Phoenix City Council has given the green light to a proposal that would bring a multi-use development to Arcadia. The plan had faced some opposition from residents, but Wednesday, the tone seems to have changed.

When the council agreed to help fund renovations for the suns and talking stick arena downtown, part of the deal was to build a new practice facility. That facility will be at 44th Street and Camelback and will include other mixed-use facilities.

With a 9 to 0 vote, the council approved a rezoning application for Camel Square on Wednesday, however, the outcome was seemingly uncertain until Tuesday. 

Neighborhood associations were upset the proposed height of some of the buildings, including a proposed hotel by restauranteur Sam Fox.

Developers and the neighborhoods compromised that height will be capped under 60 feet for two areas originally slated to be higher. There will also be sound masking systems in one area. The deal was well received. 

"We had a marathon meeting with a number of stakeholders yesterday and it produced what we view as a worthy result we can all be proud of," said Councilman Sal Diciccio.

Some individual neighbors still had concerns, but nine neighborhood associations signed off on it. 

Developers plan to break ground on the project in early 2021.