Phoenix man shares story of COVID-19 battle on TikTok

A Phoenix man who spent Thanksgiving in the hospital battling COVID-19 has taken to social media to help others going through the same battle.

Dan Weissman, 50, reportedly took the same antiviral drug President Donald Trump received when he was battling COVID-19.

"I said great, give me what Trump had, and she said OK, but if you want Remdesivir, which you're eligible for, you have to decide today because you can only be eligible seven days from the day you get diagnosed."

Weissman is expected to be released from the hospital in the coming days. In the meantime, he is keeping his new followers on TikTok updated on his progress. After one day of using the platform, he has gotten nearly 200,000 views on the page dedicated to his fight with the coronavirus.

"I wanted to tell people how I was doing, but I didn't wanna talk," said Weissman. "I had a headache. I was hot, and I was coughing like crazy."

Weissman said the symptoms began with headaches, pressure behind his eyes, and fatigue. On TikTok, he engaged with followers who share similar experiences.

"It was really nice to see people say nice things for no reason. They don't know me, but they're going through this stuff," said Weissman, who even provided advice to those wondering when they should go to the hospital.

"Call your telehealth video chat with a nurse. They're easy to get," said Weissman, on one of his videos.

Despite missing Thanksgiving with his family, Weissman, who is a father of two, says he is grateful for his health, and ready for 2021.

"I hope everybody takes it as seriously or more than I had, and avoid this thing while we get through it," said Weissman. "2020: let's just send it on its way."

Weissman says he will continue to spread awareness of how to fight covid-19. Meanwhile, he says his two teens are pretty impressed with his social media savvy.

Weissman's TikTok