Phoenix neighborhood on edge following drive-by shooting; incident was caught on camera

Residents a Phoenix neighborhood are speaking out after a drive-by shooting rattled the area.

The bullets hitting the inside of a home, but fortunately, no one was hurt. Now, residents want to find the person responsible.

Shooting caught on surveillance video

The shooting happened at around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, and it proved to be a scary early morning wakeup for the neighborhood.

In all, 13 shots were fired as a white pickup truck up drives through.

"We had a drive-by shooting, and there was a very innocent family, and their home was shot," said one person. Residents on the street wish to remain anonymous for their safety.

The bullets hit the neighbor's car, and several hit the house. One even made its way through the front door, lodging itself in a baseball glove.

"This family is a very hardworking family, and they are amazing neighbors," said one person. "This is wrong what happened, and we shouldn't work hard in this community to bring Downtown to a safe place and a beautiful walkable place, so to have this happen, it is very violating."

Surveillance video shows an old model Chevrolet pickup truck with a passenger brake light out. Police are investigating.

Meanwhile, people living in the area hope others may have also caught the shooting on camera, so they can find the suspect.

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