Vandals on the loose in central Phoenix, leaving shattered car windows and concerned residents in their wake

Dozens of people in central Phoenix were terrorized by vandals this week, as they woke up to their car windows apparently shot out by someone driving around with a BB gun.

Tracy Bremmeyer, who lives in an area near 16th Street and Maryland, woke up to one shattered window and one on the verge of shattering due to a bb-sized hole.

"I had no idea what had happened, but the window behind it has a small hole from a bullet, or bb, or pellet," said Bremmeyer. "That made me call for a police report because this was something more than someone going by and punching out windows."

The right rear passenger window on Bremmeyer's car was completely shattered, but it has since been fixed. The other one behind it splintered everywhere.

Bremmeyer was not the only victim. In an area near 11th Street and Missouri, there are more cars with damaged windows, as well as surveillance video catching what happened.

In the video, multiple pops can be heard, and James Paelestini’s car was on the other end of some of them.

"My specific car was a Subaru. Window was completely shattered. Glass had fallen down into the door, breaking the motor," said Palestini. "So now, it's at the dealership. Needs new glass, needs a new motor.":

Both Bremmyer and Palestini posted their troubles on a neighborhood-based social media app called NextDoor, only to find dozens of others in the area with similar damage. Police investigators are now involved.

"My kids' bedrooms are on the other side of the car. While it might've been just small damage for the window, it's still not OK to be shooting towards the house," said Bremmeyer.

Phoenix Police officials said four people went as far as filing police reports, but other neighbors said they just went through insurance, which could be a headache in itself. Some of this damage can come with a price tag in the thousands, if insurance does not cover it.

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