Pigeons causing problems for homeowners in parts of Phoenix

They are a messy member of the bird family, and exterminators said they have had a lot more calls about pigeons, which appears to be taking over parts of the Valley.

Many homeowners turn to Owls, strips, and spikes for an effective remedy to the pigeon problem. Some homeowners, however, especially those in areas seeing a big pigeon problem, are turning to the pros for help.

"I don't think the problem was going away unless we did something about it," said Chris Drexel, who called a pigeon specialist company to deal with the birds.

Drexel said the birds are pretty bold.

"Unless you're right next to them, they're pretty fearless," said Drexel. "They've obviously got used to being here, which is not good."

Experts said people feeding the birds, overseeding for winter lawns and golf courses drew pigeons in. The pigeons also like roof alcoves to nest in, like those on Drexel's home.

"So we took two nests out of there. We screened it off. We cleaned up feces. Sanitized the area," said Derrick Mason, who said it's the toxic bird droppings that should worry homeowners.

"It can deteriorate any kind of paint, whether it be on your car or your house," said Mason.

The bird droppings can damage roofs, as well.