Protesters in downtown Phoenix ask for monthly pay during pandemic

Some people feel like they could use more financial help as the economy struggles amid the coronavirus pandemic. A "Shake Up Congress" protest was held in downtown Phoenix Saturday and the purpose was to get Congress to consider paying families a monthly check until the pandemic is over. 

It's much like the CARE Act stimulus check, except this one would be monthly.

According to a Washington Post poll, 6 out of 10 Americans who are working from their place of employment are concerned they will be exposed to COVID-19 at the workplace, in turn infecting their families with the virus.

Brendon Carpenter, President of Humanity Forward says this isn't a protest against the government, but raising awareness to help families.

They say that the extra cash would also give families the flexibility to stay home with their kids if they need to continue homeschooling due to schools being closed nationwide.

More information about the protest can be found at


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