Pulse shooting survivor reunites with officer who saved him

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Millions listened as one of the surviving victims of the deadly Pulse nightclub shooting described being rescued by an unknown police officer. On Thursday, the two were reunited at an Orlando hospital.

Angel Colon said he was on the floor of the club. He knew he was shot multiple times in one of his legs. Although he also survived being trampled, his other leg was crushed by people trying to escape the spray of bullets from the gunman.

"Unfortunately, I was shot three times in my leg, so I fell down. I tried to get back up, but everyone started running everywhere. I got trampled over, and I shattered and broke my bones on my left leg. So, by this time, I couldn't walk at all. I just laid down there while everyone was just running on top of me, trying to get where they had to be. All I could hear was the shotgun, one after another, people screaming and yelling for help," Colon recalled in his first public appearance after the shooting.

That's when Colon said the officer - his savior - appeared.

"I'm looking up and some cop - I wish I could remember his face or his name, because to this day I am grateful for him - he looks at me and makes sure that I'm alive. He grabs my hand and he's like, 'this is the only way I can take you out.' I'm like, 'please carry me because I'm in pain right now.' I couldn't walk or anything. He starts to drag me out across the street to the Wendy's,' Colon said, adding despite being cut by glass on the floor, he was so thankful to be outside of the club.

He said the officer left him near the sidewalk and left. The two never exchanged names.

Four days after the massacre at Pulse, Colon's rescuer was revealed as Eatonville Police Officer Omar Delgado and the two reunited at Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC).

The two embraced and talked about what happened. Colon told Officer Delgado what happened to him before and after being drug from the nightclub and onto the street.

"He came in and I just had a smile on my... it was just happiness. And I was so happy. I've been wanting to see... the man that took me out of that horrible place that was... just filled with craziness. And I was happy," Colon said after he met Officer Delgado.

Delgado said knowing he helped save someone's life was very emotional.

"Just knowing that I helped, I assisted saving that man's life and him thanking me... You just can't put into words, because you only get one life and now he can be with his family and continue living his life," Officer Delgado said.