Records detail decision-making surrounding controversial Arizona election audit

New emails show the decision-making surrounding the audit into votes cast in Maricopa County during the November 2020 election from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, including conversations she said she had with Former President Donald Trump.

The emails were released through a public records request to American Oversight, a group suing over the audit and its practices.

E-mails trace back to December 2020

On December 28, 2020, Fann was responding to a constituent calling himself a 'patriot voter,' asking her to stand up for 'our president.' Fann responded, saying she had the full support of Rudy Giuliani, and had a personal call from then President Trump as Fann tried to get the audit going.

Fann said in December she had spoken with Giuliani six times. He had been pushing the narrative election was stolen at the time.

More than 500 pages of records, including the email detailed above, were released on June 4 by American Oversight.

Arizona Secretary of State's Office expresses concerns

The release came on the heels of an Arizona Secretary of State report outlining their concerns, including why data from the audit is now sitting in Montana.

"What protocols are in place are in place around this 'secure lab in Montana?'" said Audit Observer Ryan Macias. "Where is this 'secure lab in Montana?' Who owns this 'secure lab in Montana?' Where are the processes and procedure around security, and how this data is being kept and secure?"

The audit’s media point person, Randy Pullen, was asked about it earlier on June 4.

"That’s possible. I don’t know for a fact that's happening, but just the policies and procedures of Cyber Ninjas, it clearly states in there data would be analyzed off site. That's nothing new, CyFir’s policies and procedures meet the best requirements in the industry," said Pullen.

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