Report: Arizona has one of the highest porch pirate rates in the U.S.

It might feel like you hear about porch pirates and package thefts a lot. Well, a new report finds Arizona has one of the highest rates of package theft in the country.

That report comes just ahead of the holiday season where almost everyone has gifts delivered to their front step.

Online shopping grows more and more every year, and that means more and more packages at front doors. You might think, "Amazon will replace what’s stolen anyways, so what’s the big deal?"

Listen to this.

Arizona has it pretty bad when it comes to porch pirates. In fact, a review of FBI crime data by CCTV Camera World found the Grand Canyon state has the 15th highest rate of package theft.

"More and more packages get delivered to (customers). It’s easy access for thieves to go after them," says Ray Ansari with CCTV Camera World.

It’s so common for moments like this, and big companies will often eat the cost and ship a new one.

Behind the scenes, all of the replacements make an impact.

"There are a lot of third party merchants, for example on Amazon, when their packages get stolen, it may be that Amazon has refunded you as a consumer, but businesses get impacted on that end," Ansari said.

Randy Looke with Prepper's Discount says they’ve had to change their policies.

"It’s not the customers' fault but many times there is theft and we can’t eat that. That’s what’s going to put small businesses out of business," Looke said.

Part of their terms and conditions says they’re no longer responsible for stolen packages. He says they just can’t afford it.

Small companies are going to have to become very creative in how they protect themselves.

Here are some tips to keep your packages safe.

CCTV Camera World says doorbell cameras are a great tool, but it’s much better to have a camera on the road to potentially capture a license plate number.

Also, consider getting a lockbox for your porch.

Information on the porch piracy surge

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