Residents in adult care community team up to raise half a million dollars for staff members

Christmas has come early for workers at a senior living facility in Tempe.

Friendship Village residents raised a half a million dollars for the staff who take care of them everyday, and on Dec. 3, it was a very emotion scene for the residents and staff members, as the big gift was presented, in a show of what the holiday season is all about.

The gift of $500,000 was given to all of the staff members, from administration to housekeeping to nursing. Residents say they did the fundraiser as a way to say thank you, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when their community, like many others, were hit hard.

"It is indicative of what it means to live and work here. There is a level of loyalty and sense of family here that you just don't find in community properties like this," said Friendship Village Resident Committee Chair Matt Madonna.

The money was also a way for residents to say thanks for another reason: Friendship Village does not allow tips during the year.

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