Residents of Tempe trailer park forced out

People living in the Tempe Travel Trailer Villas are moving out, making way for an apartment complex next to the light rail. But some residents are finding they have nowhere to go.

That's because they say their homes are not mobile, and they don't qualify for state funds to help them relocate.

State law says if you live in what people call a mobile home; single-wide, double-wide, and your mobile home park closes, you can qualify for up to $5,000 to pay for moving your home to a new place. But there's a loophole. People who believe they live in a mobile home, but the law says they don't, so they're out of luck.

The park was recently sold, and some residents are already moving out. Most of them are in RV's that residents simply drive or tow away, but others can't hit the road.

Even though the units look like single-wide homes, the State of Arizona says if you check underneath they are technically "park models," and can be towed and don't qualify for relocation.

Try telling that to people who live in these units, 10 of them in this trailer park.

"It doesn't have wheels on it, or a tongue to hook up, so unless they can come up with a homeless shelter, I will have to give my help dog away," said Katherine Warner.

Now faced with an eviction, some residents are scrambling to be out by the November 22 deadline.

"It is actually very, very frustrating, we paid money for it, now they are saying goodbye with no money," said Kristin Schuster.

FOX 10 reached out to the owner of the land to see if it will help folks caught in the loophole with relocation expenses, but they declined to assist.