Rideshare drivers speak out as Uber, Lyft announce fuel surcharge to help offset the impact of high gas prices

Rideshare drivers are speaking out about new fuel surcharges as gas prices remain high across the country.

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"Beginning Wednesday, March 16, consumers will pay a surcharge of either $0.45 or $0.55 on each Uber trip and either $0.35 or $0.45 on each Uber Eats order, depending on their location—with 100% of that money going directly to workers’ pockets," Uber officials wrote in a press release.

Officials with Lyft have also announced they will add a surcharge, but did not release the exact amount that will be assessed.

"Driver earnings overall remain elevated compared to last year, but given the rapid rise in gas prices we’ll be asking riders to pay a temporary fuel surcharge, all of which will go to drivers," a Lyft spokesperson said, in a statement.

According to the AAA, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline stands at $4.316, as of March 15. For Arizona, the average is $4.611.

Some drivers say the surcharge won't help much

On March 15, we spoke with some Uber drivers about the surcharge the company has introduced.

One Uber driver, identified only as ‘Peter,' said he has been a full-time Uber driver for three years. He said he has had to cut back on spending because of how much it is now costing him to do his job.

"It is scary 'cause you know last year, with COVID and everything, now this happens," said Peter. "It gets worse and worse."

Some Uber drivers, who did not want to be shown on camera, said the surcharge does not even cover the hardship they are currenting facing.

"Only 45 cents? Come on. What is that going to do?" said one driver.

"Everything went up. Tires get more expensive. It is a lot of wear and tear on your car. It is a lot," said another driver.

Some drivers have expressed a different opinion on the surcharge, saying that every little bit will help.

"I will probably drive a little extra an hour," said one driver.

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