Scottsdale couple's planned release from 2nd coronavirus quarantine delayed

A Scottsdale couple who were planned for release from their second quarantine due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are no longer going to be released as planned.

FOX 10 has reported on the plight of oncologist Sommer Gunia and members of her family, who were among a number of passengers placed under quarantine onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The quarantine was put in place after many passengers onboard tested positive for COVID-19.

They were then quarantined a second time when they arrived on U.S. soil. 

"I'm so pissed off," said Dr. Sommer Gunia. "They told us at 8:30 this morning on the conference call that someone political here in Texas doesn't want us out so now we've become political pawns."

It was the Mayor of San Antonio who declared a public health emergency saying the cruise ship passengers should not be released without being retested.

This is because a woman in their group from Wuhan, China tested positive for the coronavirus after she was released.

Meanwhile, the other group of cruise ship passengers who were sent to an airbase in California were released as planned on Monday.

The Guinas sent this photo to FOX 10's Linda Williams before knowing they were not going to be released as planned.

The Guinas, who were due back in the valley on February 4, have tried to stay upbeat during this ordeal. What was supposed to be a 15-day cruise of the Far East that began in mid-January has turned into a fiasco that's on day 47 and counting.

"I have a life. I have a job. I want to get home and yet I'm still a prisoner, and I haven't done anything wrong. That's the biggest thing I can't get over," Dr. Guina said.

She says some people have actually rushed the fence that surrounds Lackland Air Force Base where they are being held. She also says there is talk of a hunger strike among passengers.

In the meantime, they have been calling Arizona senators, Governor Doug Ducey and other officials looking for help. 

Dr. Gunia is a surgeon in Scottsdale and says she was forced once again to cancel her scheduled surgeries for the week.