Search underway for macaw that went missing from South Phoenix

A reward is being offered for a missing macaw that took off Sunday near the Dobbins Lookout in South Phoenix.

The macaw is not just It's not just any bird. It is used for educational purposes.

"It's hard," said Deborah Schweikardt. "It's hard on your heart."

To Schweikardt, Flower isn't just a bird. She's family.

"Flower is my pet," said Schweikardt. "I've had her for four years. I've raised her since she was a baby."

Flower is a beautiful macaw bird, striking with bright colors, and it's a big reason why she's the kind of bird that students pay close attention at assemblies.

"We use her for educational purposes. We do a lot of things with the museum. We do a lot things with schools and kids," said Schweikardt.

On Sunday, however, Flower's friendly nature put her on the wrong track.

"Because she is super tame and stinkin' adorable, she goes to people and goes to cars and goes to picnics and goes to food, almost anybody she wants to go to. So I think somebody might have got her," said Schweikardt. "I have no doubt that if Flower was here, they'd find her, but my only problem is that I don't think she's here."

The wilting optimism that Flower is still buzzing around South Mountain is not easy for Schweikardt. All she can do now is hope that someone will step up and do the right thing.

"I get that people find animals and that they want to do the right thing and return them. For dogs and cats, it's pretty simple to find a place to do somwthing like that, but for parrots and exotics, I think that maybe some people don't know where to turn to," said Schweikardt.

Anyone with information on Flower should call (480) 217-0700