Sky Harbor bustling before holidays as health officials plead for limited travel

Just days before the holiday, Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix is bustling with travelers Wednesday eager to start celebrating Christmas on Friday.

Health officials are telling people to stay home and limit contact during the holiday season, but the airports were bustling around the county Wednesday night with plenty of people still trying to make it home for Christmas.

"I came from Sacramento, California with my mask and Christmas tree," said traveler, Starr Babby.

Some are heading home for the holidays and others are flying in to see family.

"My grandma’s 100 years old. I’m gonna cook for everybody," Babby said, adding, "Grandson and son-in-law live here and our plan is to enjoy the holiday with the family, to visit family."

Arizona leaders are asking people to avoid travel during the pandemic, especially as cases continue to surge in the state and across the country.

For Jeanne Fedran, staying in Arizona was not an option, saying, "Spend time with daughter for Christmas and my grandson had a small surgery. I am there to watch other children," she said.

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Others, like James Williams, say airlines are taking necessary precautions to feel safe when traveling.

"It was safe. They made sure everybody wore their masks, stayed distant," William said.

The Williams family says for them, the travel risk is worth it to be able to see their grandkids in time for Christmas.

"Getting older, you know, and the way things are going, you just never know if this is gonna be your last Christmas," he said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying the way to stay safest this holiday season is to stay socially distanced and keep gatherings very limited, if at all.

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