Some are signing up for tattoo removal at Scottsdale's Body Art Expo

Starting Nov. 5, hundreds of people are heading to Westworld of Scottsdale for the annual Body Art Expo.

"They're very addicting, yeah. I started with one, and it just grew into another one," said one tattoo artist known as 'Villain.'

"I tattoo in many states. I compete in competitions and stuff like that. This is a competition piece. So hopefully we will win," said tattoo artist Christian Navarro.

While some are getting tattoos or showing off their ink, others are signing up to remove them.

"Tattoo removal is probably about 80% of what we do," said Lena Zimmerman, Managing Director of Delete Tattoo Removal and Medical Salon.

With locations In Phoenix and Chandler, Delete Tattoo Removal and Medical Salon is helping tattoo lovers clear some space for new ink.

"Really create a nice canvas for your artists to have, you know, that fresh piece of art on your skin," said Zimmerman.

The process, they say, is simple.

'Your ink will still continue to get gobbled up, because we burst it into billions of tiny pieces," said Zimmerman.

They use a special laser to break down the tattoo ink, making it easier for a person's body to naturally remove it. It may take a few sessions, but they say most fading happens six to eight weeks after.

"As human beings, we change, and our bodies change. Ink changes, and sometimes you might love it, but you're ready for it to be freshened up," said Zimmerman.

The most common removals, they say, are ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, wives, and husband's names. The event is set to run through the weekend.

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