Some ASU students reportedly attending parties over Labor Day Weekend despite suspension warnings

Universities across the country are struggling to keep a lid on student parties that risk spreading the coronavirus, and Arizona State University is no exception.

As of Sept. 5, the university reported nearly one thousand COVID-19 cases, with but Labor Day Weekend in full swing, several parties are being publicized on social media.

It's a Labor Day Weekend in uncharted territory and COVID-19 cases may be declining in the state, but not at ASU as more cases continue to be reported by the university.

During the pandemic, social media is keeping young people connected more than ever and letting them know where parties are happening. "Guys are ten dollars, but girls are free" is a common marketing phrase used by nightclubs and is now stamped on digital flyers circulating across social media, targeting ASU students.

Screenshots advertising parties from Friday, Sept. 4 were seen on social media. One was for a "neon party" in Tempe with clear steps to get in. A second party was called "single or taken" in Phoenix.

"It's sad to see the ignorance"

Three freshmen ASU students from out of state say they're staying away from parties. Period.

"It's sad to see the ignorance going around campus just because it's not even hanging out with friends and it's not even inviting people over and like small groups in your dorm. It's literally just inviting any stranger on your Snapchat to come over to your house and like mingle with everybody else," said Jenna Smigo, ASU student.

Some posts for parties don't list the address initially, but an account will send the address hours before the event.

The university's policy says students engaged in social gatherings, on or off campus, that don't follow public health guidelines, can be suspended.

"I've been invited to multiple parties, but I personally, I would rather not do that because I just want to stay at school. Like I'm here for a reason and I really don't want to be sent home," said Hannah Kolb, ASU student.

With nearly a thousand COVID-19 cases, a little more than 550 cases are off campus and nearly 400 are in isolation on the Tempe campus.

ASU fraternity members like Tim say this school year is clearly different due to COVID-19.

"Definitely don't have any social events planned, that's for sure. We don't wanna up the numbers and give the school a reason to scapegoat greek life," Tim said.

Tempe Police are responding to calls for service to stop underage drinking and disruptive behavior. At least three responses to loud parties can total up to more than $2,700.

For more information on COVID-19 cases at ASU, visit this link.