Spring training: Many people from colder climates grateful for dry, warm Arizona weather

Heading out to the ballpark will be a lot more pleasant this week. That is, if you like the heat. Arizona is in for a stretch of some 80-degree days.

"I love baseball, being outdoors, so it's great to be able to come and have a tank top instead of a winter jacket," said Erica Good.

Good and her college journalism group flew to Arizona for spring training. A few weeks back, they were a bit concerned when they saw how cold and wet it was.

"Looking at the weather, and we were like, 'no way, it's gonna be cold the week that we're there,' then all of a sudden, it turned around," said Astyn Gates

Coming from Washington, Jake Hull says he got a warm welcome landing in Phoenix.

"It was snowing, and we were about to get blown off trying to walk on the plane with how windy and cold it was, so 80s… definitely good with us," he said.


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The dry heat, though, can catch some off guard.

Bradley Lowe says back in Louisiana, they're getting temps in the high-80s, but it's humid. Here, water is key.

"Of course, we have to be very careful to drink a lot of water, which is different for us, but we don't even sweat – we'd be sweating at home standing out here talking to you," he said.

The kids say they don't mind the weather, whatever it is. They're just here to watch their teams play ball.

"Just excited to watch baseball!" said Lila Dobson. "Maybe just buy some extra water."