Students who filmed viral incident at ASU multicultural center say they are being disciplined by the school

A viral video from September at Arizona State University's multicultural center ignited a firestorm over race on social media.

The video showed a confrontation where two white students sitting at the center with a 'Police Lives Matter' laptop sticker and an anti-Joe Biden t-shirt were accused of being racist. Now, the students who filmed the confrontation say they're facing discipline from the school.

The students of color who recorded the viral video say ASU officials are improperly punishing them, after they say they were violated by the incident that happened at the multicultural center.

"ASU is on fire. I cannot continue. I cannot continue creating pathways to help black students get into ASU if ASU is going to attack, harass, and not support Black students," said Sarra Tekola, who recorded the video. The video was since amplified by a number of social media sites, accounting for millions of views over a confrontation that turned to race.

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Tekola and another student, Mastaani Qureshi, say they have been the targets of threats since.

"The worst part is, we did not expect that we were going to receive thousands of rape, death, and lynching threats on every social media platform and our personal emails," said Tekola.

The students of color now say they have been disciplined by ASU officials for disruption, and say they have been told to write a statement outlining how they would be more polite.

A rally was held on Nov. 15, in which people demanded ASU to back down. The rally included Black Lives Matter and other social activists, with some saying students of color are not going to be safe on campus.

The Dean of Students has met with all of the students involved in the video. While ASU officials did not comment directly on the actions taken by the school, they did release a statement that reads:

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