Tempe PD: Good Samaritans stopped attempted sexual assault of 71-year-old woman, suspect arrested

Tempe police say a man has been arrested after allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 71-year-old woman at Kiwanis Park on March 20.

Kevin Caballero, 30, attacked the woman Saturday afternoon on the north side of the lake, police say.

An investigation revealed that she was going on her daily walk through the park when Caballero shoved her to the ground and tried to take off her pants, police said.

"Basically, [he] tried to hold her down against her will, made some comments about having sexual intercourse with her," said Steven Carbajal with Tempe Police.

Two bystanders intervened and stopped the attack, detaining Caballero until police came.

"Poeple heard screaming, and we got phone calls obviously, and before officers arrived, there was actually some passersby in the area that...were able to intervene and detain the suspect prior to police arriving," said Carbajal.

"The Tempe Police Department would like to thank the individuals who came to the aid of the victim in this incident and potentially preventing the situation from becoming much worse," officials said in a statement released on March 21. "The Tempe Police Department Special Victims Unit is working with surrounding agencies to determine if there are incidents of a similar nature that Caballero may be involved in."

Kevin Caballero

Kevin Caballero (Photo Courtesy: Tempe Police Department)