Thousands take part in the 2019 Women's March in Phoenix

PHOENIX, Ariz. (FOX 10) - Thousands showed up to the Arizona State Capitol Saturday morning for the 2019 Women's March.

Supporters say they want to bring social issues to light like gun reform, education and equal rights.

"This is a grassroots event, it's important to be out here to support women and to show that we are a force to be reckoned with," said organizer Brianna Westbrook.

Women from all walks of life at all stages in life showed up Saturday morning outside the capitol building to march the third year in a row.

One of the event organizers, Brianna Westbrook, says it's important to keep showing up so the movement doesn't die down. One of the topics she's most passionate about is representation in the government.

"We have 51% of the country identifying as women, yet we have less than 20% of the representation in congress and it's important that we highlight women's issues inter sectionally, black, brown, trans we are all united in this fight," said Westbrook.

Other hot topic issues of the march are immigration, gun reform, education, health care and reproductive social issues.

"It's an important day to show up and show support for the movement, planned parenthood is very important it was apart of my life as a young adult, if you can't go to your parents there is somewhere to go and get counseling and birth control," said Lisa Shane.

A common misconception about the women's march is that only women are welcome. In a sea of pink, there were quite a few men, who say their support is just as important.

"This is a great event, its been going on for years now, this is actually our second time actually coming out here so basically every little bit counts," said Alex Smith.

Many, looking for changes, say they hope others bring their concerns to the ballot next election seeking social justice.

"I'd like to see a more open, honest discussion about reproductive issues, rights and equal rights for women," said Shane.