Tonopah residents reeling after storm rips through town: 'The whole backyard was underwater'

Heavy wind and pounding rain caused flash flooding throughout much of Tonopah on Saturday, causing widespread damage and leaving residents without power.

In resident Robert Katsaris' home, this storm caused even more damage. Trees down, beams toppled over onto cars, trash blown everywhere.

"It was 6:30, the wind came up, pouring down rain with hail - little rocks of hail total - dark outside," Katsaris recounted. "We came out, the whole front yard was flooded, the whole backyard was underwater, like a lake."

Robert and Lynn Katsaris say they've lived in their home for 22 years, and they have never seen anything like this before.

"To take trees from 150 feet away and throw them on the cars, then pull that canopy over there like that, that’s steel, that’s a lot of wind," Robert said.

Video from that area showed cars stranded and running washes, blocking families from even entering their homes.

Robert and Lynn say they have a lot of clean up ahead, but they're just grateful they're OK.

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