Travel agent talks new trends for summer adventure during the pandemic

Many Arizonans use their summer vacations as a way to escape the heat, but in the midst of a pandemic, plans have changed as travel trends are evolving to keep vacations safe.

Janet Semenova of Boutique Travel Advisors says travel is trending toward heading to the outdoors in northern states.

"It's exhausting having been in Phoenix for months and months cooped up in the valley at a time so many would be elsewhere."

Due to travel bans, international trips are out of the question. Instead, her clients are heading to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho by car.

Semenova calls it "the summer of the road trip."

"Remote hiking, mountain biking, rafting, lots of fun adventures for families and kids," Semenova said describing activities families are choosing for new adventures.

Domestic flights are still being booked, she said, but California is not a recommended destination with COVID-19 cases rising and indoor operations are closed at restaurants, wineries and museums.

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"Beaches open and then beaches close again and there's just a lot of uncertainty in California as well as the fact that tons and tons of people are out and about," Semenova explained.

Travel options are also drastically narrowed down as several states require a 14-day quarantine for visitors.

Wherever travelers choose to go, agents like Semenova take on the challenge of figuring out which hotels are actually open.

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"Navigating all of these constantly changing and constantly updating procedures and closures is challenging and even for people in the industry were finding that things are changing on a daily basis," she said.

Semanova also says many older clients are canceling trips since they are more vulnerable to the virus. Many clients are looking to 2021 as a travel comeback.