Uber rolls out new safety feature, but not all drivers support its rollout

Rideshare provider Uber is launching a new safety feature aimed at protecting drivers and riders.

"I have -- and most of these guys, they have the two-way camera, dashcam in our car," said Majid Khazaein. "We started a long time ago about this, and we’re recording everything."

Khazaein says he has had two instances where he sent footage in to Uber, after passengers complained about service. This is how he protects himself.

"Uber, whatever they get from the passengers, they believe it," said Khazaein. "And then, they deactivate the driver."

Khazaein is all for the new audio recording feature that Uber is rolling out in six cities around the country, including Phoenix. Under the new arrangement, drivers and riders have the option to record the audio of their trip in the app.

Uber officials say it is a safety feature aimed at preventing incidents, and recording any possible issues. The audio file is encrypted and stored directly on the rider or driver’s device. To help protect privacy, no one will be able to listen to the recording, including Uber, unless the user chooses to submit it.

Some drivers, like George Gorgees, say it is an invasion of privacy, and another reason he prefers other ridesharing apps, like Lyft.

"This new thing that they came up with, I cannot understand," said Gorgees. "You cannot jump in my privacy. This is my property. This is my own car."

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