2 dead, 1 badly hurt: What we know about the Holvig investigation so far

Chad Holvig, the missing Arizona father, is confirmed to be dead after his body, along with another, was found inside a home while Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were serving a search warrant.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone held a conference on Aug. 16 to discuss several topics, including the investigation into a then-missing Arizona father and his son who was found shot multiple times.

Chad, 51, disappeared in July after he was last seen leaving his home in Tonopah to visit his 25-year-old son, Dalton, in Goodyear. MCSO launched an investigation after both were reported missing.

Earlier this month, MCSO said it served a search warrant on a home near Goodyear and found Dalton, who had been shot three times.

Dalton told investigators that he was shot weeks ago, and Penzone says his wounds weren't cared for, so they were infected. He remains in the hospital.

Authorities found two other bodies on the property during the search. 

They are 31-year-old Anthony Vayne who died of a gunshot wound. The second body is 51-year-old Chad, and his cause of death is still under investigation.

Penzone says it's hard to determine the time of death for victims, but they've likely been there a while.

"This is an environment, and this is a circumstance where it is indicative of what happens when people utilize drugs, and are comfortable with violence and taking lives and leaving deceased bodies on the property," said Sheriff Penzone.

Additionally, husband and wife, Roberto and Christina Bernal, living at the home were arrested. Dalton also lived there.

Roberto is accused of shooting Dalton.

A motive, in this case, hasn't been determined as the investigation continues.

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Chad Holvig (deceased victim)