Valley foundation donates reusable water bottles to homeless population

"Our goal is really to just fill the space of human need."

For Krystal Wuller, CEO of Ara Water Foundation, that need is not as simple as it appears.

"People need cold water to regulate their body temperature," she said. "They need, you know, hydration, and often times plastic water bottles are what's donated and they don't keep water cold or safe in these temperatures."

Wuller and her husband, Andrew who works as the non-profit's CFO, hand out 64-ounce stainless steel water bottles – on this day, they gave away near 100.

"She quit her teaching job as of a couple of months ago and put everything into this," he said. "She hasn't taken a dime out of the charity – everything has gone to his organization."

The foundation was found four months ago and has already given out 400 stainless steel water bottles.

"We got some stickers here for you if you want to personalize it and make it yours," Andrew said.

The goal is to make sure everyone who needs a water bottle gets one.

"This is kind of what's known as the zone – this is a highly-populated area of people that are unhoused live, and there's about a thousand people experiencing homelessness in a five-block radius," Krystal said.

Ara Water Foundation

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