Valley girl helps bullying victim, act of kindness inspires others

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Haley Olson and Mariah Andrew met at the beginning of the school year. For many students, bullying is a big issue. In this case, one kind deed is now inspiring many others.

We all have that best friend, that person who always has your back, but for Haley Olson, that bond was missing while attending Atkinson Middle School.

"I always came home crying and stuff to my parents saying how I didn't want to go to school anymore, I wanted to be home schooled," said Haley Olson.

Then she became friends with Mariah Andrew, who says she was tired of seeing Haley being bullied for the trending clothes or shoes she didn't have.

"I asked her one day for her sizes, she wrote them down on a piece of paper and brought it to me the next day," said Mariah Andrew.

Mariah took action by bringing Haley clothes, shoes, and a backpack.

"I was jumping all over the place screaming how happy I was," said Haley.

"It made me feel happy at first and the day that I gave it to her, I was trying so hard not to cry," said Mariah.

Word of Mariah's kindness spread via social media inspiring other families to donate clothes and shoes to Haley. Sonoran Smile Orthodontics also offered help with free dental work.

Mariah says Haley's impact on her is something money can't buy.

"Being there whenever I needed her like her being a good friend when times were hard at school," said Mariah.

Haley is one of seven children so she can't always have the new and up to date gear, and her mother is just as grateful for these kind deeds.