Waste Management Phoenix Open officials plan return to traditional tournament operations for 2022 event

Officials with the Waste Management Phoenix Open say they are "optimistic and preparing" to resume traditional tournament operations for their 2022 event.

According to a statement, tickets for the event went on sale on Aug. 2.

"Last year brought extraordinary circumstances which required us to make some significant changes. It was difficult for everyone, but this year we plan on making a concerted effort to return to the normal operations of ‘The People’s Open’ our fans know and love," said Tournament Chairman Michael Golding, in a statement released on Aug. 2.

Officials say general admissions tickets are prices at $50 for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and $75 for Friday and Saturday. Other packages are also available.

"Our hospitality venues are already sold out, but our General Admissions tickets, our Greenskeeper packages, our Members Club packages go on sale today, and they’re available," said Golding. "The demand has never been higher. People want this event. People are excited about this event. The Thunderbird organization we can feel it and we’re more excited then ever."

The event will take place from Feb. 7 to 13 to align with the Super Bowl.

"We have 192 acres to host this event. It’s a very safe outside environment where we can host what we all want, and that’s a huge event because the size of the event, at the end of the day, is going to reflect on how much we’re able to give to local charities," said Golding.

Restrictions were in place for 2021's open

2021's open took place with a number of restrictions that were put in place to address public health needs that came about as a result of the pandemic.

According to a officials, attendance for the event was reduced to fewer than 5,000 fans each day, down from around 200,000. Overall, about 20,000 fans attended the 2021 open, compared to the normal 700,000.

Limits on attendance for the 2021 open also affected businesses in the area, as well as rideshare drivers.

"The Waste Management [Phoenix Open] brings people from all over the country. It’s unlike anything else you’ve seen. It’s just crazy, so financially, we are going to be down like 90% this weekend. It will be by far the biggest fall in these four days," said Jennifer O'Donnell with K O'Donnell's Sports Bar and Grill.

"Drivers can make a lot of money in a week. I mean a lot of money," said full-time Uber and Lyft driver Kendal Jackson. "You can almost triple your money, so it really hurts if it’s not going to be even close to. If it’s close to normal, it’ll be alright. So it hurts. It is really rough right now."

During the open, the Scottsdale Princess sells out, and official with the hotel are looking forward to doing that once again, in 2022.

 Thousands of people come through the hotel every single day during the Phoenix Open. Everyone has their traditions. Some of the traditions are enjoying breakfast at the hotel before they head out on the course. We have a main entrance here at the hotel to get onto the course which a lot of people prefer to use. Then following up at the end of the day, when they come back have a drink at the plaza bar, enjoy some shopping," said Teresa Thompson, director of Resort Experience at the Scottsdale Princess.

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