Why are we seeing more coyotes in the Phoenix area? Wildlife expert explains

If you've spotted a coyote in your neighborhood recently – you're not alone as people across the Valley are seeing them day and night.

Not only are people seeing them in their neighborhood, but they're also spotting them on top of cars, and we spoke with a local photographer who captured a sighting.

Photographer Greg Conn took video and photos of a coyote on his neighbor's car, capturing a wild sighting in north phoenix near the Lookout Mountain Preserve.

"Probably about a good 60 yards away but I did have a large focal length lens on my camera, so it assisted me getting a lot closer images," he said.

Around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 30, Conn watched the coyote who has been in his neighborhood more than once.

"It actually left and then went to another vehicle and jumped on that car and stayed there for a while, then did that a few houses down until we just discontinued the follow," Conn explained.

Amy Burnett with Arizona Game and Fish says it's more common to see urban coyotes out this time of year because it's the beginning of the breeding season, so they're out and about.

"We don’t even really track them because at this point. Coyotes are all over the Valley," she said.

While they don't pose a threat to humans, people should be aware if they have pets, Burnett warns.

"They’re looking for your pets. A pet looks like food to them, and it looks like their natural food, which is a rabbit, a jackrabbit," she explained.

She says it's best to keep your dog on a leash and keep your pets inside if there is a coyote sighting.

Learn more about coyotes here.

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Coyote on a car in a Phoenix neighborhood. Photo by @gregconnphotography