Wife, daughter honored a year after husband was killed in terror attack

It's been one year since Arizona man, Dustin Harrison, and two others were killed in a terrorist attack in Kenya

On Jan. 4, Harrison's wife and daughter went on a flight to honor their lost loved one. He used to fly daily.

"It was beautiful to be up there and see what my husband would see every day. It was heartbreaking and to see that he’s all over, he’s everywhere," said his wife, Hope Harrison.

She was awarded the Gold Star Widow Flight exactly a year after her husband was killed in a terrorist attack on a United States military base in Kenya.

"I’m very honored and humbled to be able to come out here with Tony and their crew. They are amazing people. Their mission is beautiful, so I’m very humbled and honored that they asked myself and my daughter to come out here and enjoy this to honor my husband," Harrison said.

Tony Anger, President of Grounded No More, has taken more than 400 veterans into the skies. After following Hope on Facebook for a bit, he thought it would be a perfect way to honor her husband.

"I saw what they were going through and thought this would be a nice way to have a memorial flight for Dustin and have her beautiful daughter join us. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up even at three-years-old," Anger said.

Hope says she felt like it was something she needed to do and because of it, she feels closer to her late husband.