Wife of man killed in motorcycle crash speaks

A well-known community activist for immigrant rights was headed to work Tuesday on his motorcycle, when he was hit and killed.

According to police, a 51-year old woman ran a red light, and crashed into Celso Salinas Mireles. On Thursday, Mireles' wife, Ileana Salinas, talked about Mireles.

Salinas was married to Mireles for two years. The couple met at Arizona State University in 2008, and both were undocumented students under a scholarship. He played guitar, and she sang.

"We were signing songs together during vigils when SB1070 happened," said Salinas. "We went to the Capitol and we shared our songs, and we continue growing in our music, and then we fell in love and got married two years ago. It was the perfect wedding. We were so happy."

Mireles is a co-founder of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, and to many, he was an inspirational man that fought for freedom and social justice for all.

"We had a dream," said Salinas. "We wanted to have a house. We wanted to have a family. We wanted to travel the country. We wanted to share our music. We wanted to tell migrants about that freedom, and that we could have that freedom and we have power."

Mireles reportedly even taught himself how to code, as he was creating an app to help families stay together.

"He was learning so that he could build an app so he could protect families, so families could be together, especially migrant families who were afraid," said Salinas.

Salinas saids he loved learning, and even set time aside each day to study something new. She hopes his legacy can be carried on through dreamers and believers.

"I think something that Celso would want to say to the world is that freedom is not about a paper," said Salinas. "Freedom is about something that you have in your heart. You can be free regardless of borders."

As for the woman involved in the crash, police said she was cited for running the red light and not having a driver's license.

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