Valley experiencing Suns fever as hometown team gets ready for NBA Finals

With the NBA finals coming up, the Phoenix Suns tickets are on sale for the general public.

The Phoenix Suns are heading to the finals for the first time since 1993, and game one and game two will be at the Phoenix Suns Arena.

People waited in line for tickets

Before tickets went on sale, die hard fans were lining up to secure their spot for the next game.

"I thought there was going to be a be a bigger line, but I am glad there is not because it guarantees me a spot," said one person who was waiting in line.

Team shop packed with fans

As tickets went on sale, fans also packed the team's shop to buy any apparel they can get their hands on. Some also called their family and friends to see what they wanted to be brought home.

"I am shopping for my nieces so they can support the Phoenix Suns," said one person at the shop.

Team officials say NBA Finals apparel will arrive at the team store on July 2.

Longtime fans reflect

As Suns frenzy continue, longtime Suns fans are reflecting on this historic occasion.

"I just feel like this entire playoffs has been a massive dream run," said Katie Perez, who remembers the last time the Valley was this hyped.

Perez was seven years old the last time the Suns were in the NBA Finals.

"We watched in our living room. We were big Suns fans. Our whole family was together, so it was nice to have everyone there," said Perez.

Meanwhile, Andrew Page is reflecting on a prediction he made years ago.

"I mean, you're just waiting so long, and you get so close," said Andrew Page.

Page said he predicted years ago with one of his friends that the Suns will not be going to another Finals game until they both turned 40.

Both Page and his friend turned 40 in 2021.

Page says the Suns fever sweeping the Valley currentlyfeels very much the same as it did back in 1993.

"The town went nuts," said Page. "I mean, that year, you’d see everyone’s car had shoe polish on it. Go Suns, every business had signs saying Go Suns."

Page was 12 at the time, and watched most of the games with his grandparents.

"My grandparents were sweet enough to take me to games they had season tickets for," Page remembered. "I loved basketball, so to go to the [Veterans Memorial Colisseum] as a kid and cheer for those guys was a lot of fun for me."

Page has kept plenty of memorabilia and jerseys from that special year that was 1993, and he is excited to do it all over again in 2021.

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